A native of Glencoe, Illinois, Josh Karp was born in 1966 and graduated - without a pronounced lack of distinction - from Milton Academy (where he failed biology) and Macalester College (where a music appreciation teacher compared him unfavorably to J.D. Salinger).
After a few years of being bad at marketing and advertising, he sought refuge at law school, where he did ok, but almost didn't graduate because he was too disorganized to complete the paperwork for an internship. This led to joining the family bakery supply business, which was promptly acquired by some Dutch people. That was good, as Karp wasn't particularly good at that either.
Then he got a graduate journalism degree at Northwestern and found something that he was not bad at. Since that time, Karp's work has appeared in Salon, Premiere, Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, TimeOut New York and other publications. His golf writing has appeared in Links and Golf Tips.
Karp is the author of A Futile and Stupid Gesture: How Doug Kenney and National Lampoon Changed Comedy Forever and teaches journalism at Northwestern.
Karp first played golf in sixth grade and was the worst golfer on some very bad high school and college golf teams.
This book is about how Karp tried to improve his 18-handicap by taking non-traditional golf lessons with an Eastern/spiritual flavor/methodology. The result was that he got down to an 11. But, that - as one spiritual golfer told him - is "subject to the vicissitudes of impermanence."
Karp lives in Glencoe, Illinois with his wife Susan and their four sons.
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